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Are we fit for the job?

Are we fit for the job?


I've been piling up quite a few kilometers this year already and thought I'd share a few bits on how I prepare the machine to tackle on my adventures, without breaking down in the process.

I've been running in the mountains since I was a kid. I organize races, expeditions and productions in pretty extreme conditions. Exhausting tasks to get us to rewarding locations!

So, this varies widely from one nuthead to another, but the basics apply. Follow these steps and you should be able to enjoy what you do some more:

  • Strengthen up - I sure am not the crossfit muscleman. I focus on strong legs that can carry loads of gear the distance and a strong core to withstand the beating. I do this mainly through trail running and a daily block of functionals. I run between 35 and 60km per week. This week I was torn to bits by food poisoning, so the average was slammed. :)

  • Get fit for the job - In most cases, I'll know ahead of time what my assignment is going to be like. For instance, The Coastal Challenge is a six-day expedition style race with lots of climbing in extremely hot weather. I get ready to shoot this race training lower warmer places. I look for the climbs, but the main aspect for me at TCC is to get ready for the heat! If I'm shooting in higher colder elevations, then I'll try to spend more time training high and staying cool.

  • Rough it - If you're not much of a camper, this might just not be for you. As a matter of fact, if your heart doesn't rattle when you think about being in a hammock hanging from some cliff, this might just not be for you. You must be ok with the outdoors and all that comes with in order to do what we do. Often we sleep in hammocks, tents, the car, or we don't. And we (at times) love doing so!

  • Safety first - Try not to do anything stupid. There's no need to try to prove you're alfa in the mountains. This could get you in trouble and jeopardize not only your project, but your life as well.

  • Seek the specialist - I try to make sure I'm assessed by a specialist. If I put on a good number of hours in the trails each week, I must make sure I'm doing things right. Nutrition and training are my two key areas to look after the most.

  • Friends  - I simply could not do any of what I do without my friends. Relax... be true to yourself and enjoy life with all your might... with your friends. #sharingiscaring!

By staying fit I have a better time when I go out to play in the mountains. I feel more secure each step I take. I go longer distances, reach new locations, live amazing experiences well off the beaten path, all of which in the end lead to richer experiences and amazing stories to tell.

Pura vida!