Five Tips For a More Conscious Travel to Costa Rica

A really cool thing about Costa Rica is the fact that conservation and the protection of natural resources is embedded in the educational system. Like it or not you’ll learn to respect nature from an early age.

Are we conscious travelers? Here are a few tips to take under consideration when visiting Costa Rica, to ensure not only that you leave no trace but that you can also look to travel in a more responsible way, making huge difference when you journey the world.

  1. Ask about recycling: Every year, more and more regions in Costa Rica are recycling. So, wherever you are, make sure you ask about recycling. And of course you can reuse your Sustainable practices are essential, the
  2. Set the example: The mere fact that you’re looking at disposing your waste in a responsible way sets an example, but perhaps an hour from the day at the beach walking the sand and picking up trash you’d find on your way could be a fun activity to do with your family! Kind of like a small “garbage recollection campaign”. Document it, share the images, share your thoughts, set an example!
  3. Learn about your destination: Before traveling, learn about the culture of your destination, the food, de history, the characters that live there, the climate… Costa Rica is a blend of cultures with a vast ecosystem, so we recommend you study each location by itself. This gives you the opportunity of a richer experience.
  4. Be part of the culture: Seek a true encounter with the culture. Look for the characters you read about when you did your research. Have you ever made tortillas? Have you ever milked a cow? Small things can change your life, and why not look for a life-changing experience! Costa Rica is full of life and amazing opportunities growth opportunities, look to be part of these opportunities, to head back home with new life-changing experiences to share with others.
  5.  Work on your Spanish: A simple “muchas gracias!” from you will call a local’s attention. It’s also based on principles of respect and it tells the local you’re going the extra mile, and they do appreciate that. Search the app store for a language translator. Lonely Planet has an amazing application we use when we travel. We sure don’t sound like natives, but the effort will be compensated.

We travel seeking new experiences, encounters with customs we’ve never been part of, a compilation of knowledge from bits and pieces we pick up as we comb cities, mountains and coasts hungry for learning. That’s the beauty of traveling, that’s what we want for you to experience when visiting this amazing country.

You will find in us the desire to take you on this sensational learning adventure, to grow as a traveler and as a more conscious human being.

This is Part One of a series of dozens of tips we have in stock to help you get the most out of your experience in Costa Rica.

Pura vida!

Research in Costa Rica

Do you want know how it started? It started with research.

Adventurers from all over the world wanted to come see the beauties of this land (Costa Rica) in large because of the buzz created by some of the most recognised biologists in the late 80s, early 90s. Their research made history.

And still so, the gathering of data to explain, aliviate and perhaps stop (in some cases) the damage we've done to this planet, is supported by the work they do.

This is the beginning of a series on research in the Costa Rica. 

Living in Monteverde (part 1)

Living in Monteverde can be as close to living in heaven as you could be. The mountains, the flora and fauna, the people, the customs, the food! Everything about this enchanting little piece of heaven is absolutely impressive. 

As a young boy I spent most of my summer afternoons on the canopy of the Cloud Forest, amidst exuberant flora and fauna and hallucinating sunsets as the wind rocked the branches back and forth. 

Monteverde has always been an embracing community, whether you're in town for one night or your heart falls in love with the mountains and you decide to move to the Cloud Forest for a longer period of time, locals will make you feel at home. 

It's a blend of cultures... With the arrival of a group of Quaker families traveling south from the U.S. searching for a quiet peaceful place to settle in the late 50's, the area of Monteverde flourished into a mix of customs. 

A philosophy of caring for nature and caring for others others, of sharing, of living in harmony with all that surrounds us was imprinted in our hearts. 

On your next trip to Monteverde, make sure you tell us you want to be part of the full cultural experience the region has to offer. 

Nos vemos!